Pyroban is providing support for businesses supplying short-term hire forklift trucks and other mobile equipment into critical supply chains handling flammable material.

Pyroban has received requests for short-term hire solutions over the last few weeks from businesses needing a quick solution for managing the risk of explosion in some specific applications.

Gascheka “Zone 3™” is a gas detection system that can quickly be fitted onsite to any LPG, electric or IC powered equipment. It is designed for places where explosive atmospheres may occur, but not in such quantities that would require full ATEX compliant Zone 2 (or Zone 1) solutions.

The typical use is in areas just outside of Zone 2 or during maintenance, but businesses do manage risk in different ways particularly during “abnormal periods”. Gascheka “Zone 3” is for areas where there is still a risk of explosion, and it is important to remember that the safety of workers at risk of explosion is essential at all times .

This is especially true when the NHS, pharmaceutical, sanitary and other supply chains rely on a factory or warehouse being fully operational. There is also the fact that some businesses are seeing higher levels of temporary staff and more equipment onsite making the operation potentially more hazardous than normal.

Fitted in a few hours to any equipment, anywhere

Gascheka “Zone 3” can be fitted to any mobile equipment (of any age) in just a few hours including warehouse equipment, vans, cranes, access platforms and people transporters. Right now, we are seeing many short-term hire fleets supporting refineries , chemical storage , pharma , cosmetics and other manufacturing operations which should have some form of safety systems in place.

Standard, unprotected equipment in these operations handling flammable material is both dangerous and unnecessary, in a time when day-to-day operations must continue.

The Gascheka “Zone 3” active gas detection system alerts the operator to the presence of a gas or vapour and will shut down the equipment automatically before dangerous levels are reached.

Available for Rental / Short Term Hire

Pyroban’s simple gas detection solution, Gascheka “Zone 3” is ideal for rental and short-term hire fleets to instantly make places where an explosive atmosphere may occur, but are deemed “non-hazardous” within the meaning of the ATEX Directive, even safer.

In some cases where timescales allow, we have been able to assist with providing full “ATEX conversions”, particularly system 6000 for formally classified Zone 2 areas , for trucks that were already available in stock.

Are you active?

If you’d like any further information on Gascheka “Zone 3”, visit or speak to a member of the team on +44 (0) 1273 456825. Alternatively, email to discuss enhancing safety within your operation.


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