Pyroban® has recently shipped a second pair of Hazpak 100 ATEX powerpacks featuring Ever Clear™, the long life exhaust flame arrestor .

The customer, a respected Australian OEM, values all the benefits that the 1000 hour flame arrestor maintenance intervals bring while the units will be in operation offshore. The ATEX 3G IIA T3 C4.4NA engines will provide the drive for a vacuum pumping application.

Saving maintenance time and increasing safety

Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestors act as a direct replacement for the traditional “plate type” flame arrestors found in Pyroban explosion protected diesel engines. Specifying Ever Clear puts a stop to the 8-hour cleaning routine which would normally have to take place.

Pyroban Hazpak 100 ATEX diesel engines for offshore hazardous area application

Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestors enable the exhaust gases to pass through the exhaust system without clogging and are positioned between the turbo and gas cooler, on the “hot side” of the exhaust flow. Ever Clear is seen above on the left hand side (Note: There is no flame arrestor in the top section above the gas cooler. These pictures were taken while the units were being carefully packaged in crates for shipping from the UK to Australia) .

Operating for up to 1000 hours before any cleaning is required (dependent on diesel quality & duty cycle) Ever Clear exhaust flame arrestors will still stop a flame in the event of an exhaust backfire caused by hydrocarbon gas ingestion.

Pyroban Hazpak 100 ATEX diesel engines for offshore hazardous area application

As with all our ATEX engines, we confirmed performance and safety integrity with thorough Flame Non-Transmission Testing in Pyroban’s own Test Facility at Shoreham by Sea, UK.

With Ever Clear, asset owners also overcome the safety risks associated with wrongly using a ‘dummy arrestor’ which can expose the operation to sources of ignition and invalidate the whole Pyroban system.

Manual handling compliance issues also disappear with Ever Clear. Traditional plate type exhaust flame arrestors can weigh more than 25kg and are usually located above waist height making them hard to handle.

Hazpak 100 ATEX engines

The  ATEX engines  features the full Pyroban explosion protection kit including an  air inlet shut-off valve , air inlet flame arrestor, exhaust gas heat exchanger, thermal control and treatment, exhaust flame arrestor,  spark arrestor  and  more .

Pyroban Hazpak 100 ATEX diesel engines for offshore hazardous area application

Certified to 45°C ambient for offshore operation in Australian waters, the  Pyroban C4.4NA Hazpak 100  features a hydraulic safety shutdown system with local control panel, a heavy duty radiator with solder dipped core (by Broadland Radiators) and stainless steel cooling pipe work and control hoses.

Pyroban conducted all necessary engineering, testing and final  ATEX  certification, including all flame non-transmission testing and thermal testing in the Pyroban Dyno facility. Pyroban HazPak™ 100s fully comply with EN1834-1:2000, and have the flexibility to address problems using  ATEX 2014/34/EU  and EN1127 and complete customised packages for IECEx, NORSOK Z-15 and DNV 2.7-2 applications.

These  ATEX engines  will be supported by the Pyroban technical team with additional assistance in the field as required by Pyroban’s specialist team of engineers with all necessary paperwork and experience for offshore deployment anywhere in the world.

Ever Clear for existing ATEX diesel engines

If you are repairing or refurbishing any ATEX engine, consider upgrading the exhaust system with Ever Clear to safely enjoy up to 1000 hour cleaning intervals and bring your old machine up to 2021 standards. As an equipment supplier, it is major benefit that your customers will be drawn to. Find out how much you could save .

Find out more by emailing or phone +44 (0) 1273 456800.


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