2022 marks 50 years of one clear Purpose for Pyroban, of keeping people safe in hazardous areas. To deliver on that purpose we begin our next 50 years following the principles of five solid foundations (our 5 pillars).

  1. Design for safety and performance , without compromise

Whilst safety underpins the design of every component , oil and gas package , or materials handling conversion , optimising the performance, ergonomics and user experience remain core design principles of our market-leading products.

We understand the science behind Ex technology which ensures our design decisions are made with justifiable confidence, and our innovation thrives. Our customers trust we won’t take shortcuts, which could also compromise usability, performance or even the robustness of the safety justification of the design.

  1. Premium quality

We provide robust products that stand the test of time in rugged applications.

All Pyroban equipment is manufactured to the highest quality for reliable and safe operation in the demanding hazardous area environments found in oil and gas , petrochemical or tough manufacturing and logistics applications. We’ve spent 50 years continually refining our solutions and driving innovation.

  1. Low total cost of operation.

Keeping costs low for the life of the equipment is far more than just the purchase price.

It’s about overall operator productivity, durability to minimise ongoing maintenance costs and reliability to ensure machine availability every day in any location.

  1. Lifetime support and care programmes

Our customer service team ensures the equipment performs at its best and remains safe with full parts support , training , technical support , and qualified service engineers available globally.

Cat C18 ATEX
Flame Arrestor Elimination
Training Dates
  1. Pro-active advice and consultancy

From the very first contact through the life of the equipment, we’re there in support, providing leadership with integrity.

Pro-active service support from Pyroban including familiarisation training for operators

Whether a customer needs onsite support with new equipment specification, technical support for products in the field, has a question for the customer service team, or needs an Ex Annual Safety Audit for continued compliance, our goal is to keep people safe in hazardous areas with full lifetime engagement and advice they can trust.

Our clear Purpose is established in the culture of the entire Pyroban business, there are no shortcuts when people’s lives are concerned. Our commitment to staff and product development ensures we will remain at the forefront of the industry for the years to come.

One clear Purpose: To keep people safe in hazardous areas

That’s why some of the largest brands in the world insist on Pyroban explosion protected equipment, confident their staff will be safe working each day in potentially explosive environments.

Find out more by emailing sales@pyroban.com or phone +44 (0) 1273 456800.


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